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ADVANTAGE HOME INSPECTION INC. d.b.a. BOSTON HOME INSPECTION, INC. - Property Inspection, Analysis & Consulting

Boston Home Inspection is operated by Jim Boston, an ASHI certified home inspector. We are a locally owned company. We are not part of a franchise. We specialize in home inspections, pre-listing home inspections, commercial building inspections and Radon testing. We are certified to test for radon and to inspect radon mitigation systems by the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program. 


We Notice the Little Things

Our home inspection provides you with an evaluation of a home's condition by a trained professional. Our concise, written home inspection report identifies visible defects and conditions that may or will affect the function of the home. This information allows you to make informed decisions throughout the home buyng process. 

If you are a seller, a pre-listing inspection of your home is a great selling tool for you. It shows potential home buyers that you are interested in providing them with a complete disclosure of significant problems. It speeds up the selling process by eliminating last-minute repairs.


We  provide home inspection services and radon testing services within about a sixty mile radius of Chattanooga, TN including the following cities:

Apison, Benton, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Calhoun, Decatur, Dayton, Dunlap, Soddy Daisy, Sale Creek, Riceville, Benton and Lookout Mountain. 


Ringold, Fort Oglethorpe, Lookout Mountain,  Chickamauga, Trenton,  Rock Spring, Cohutta, Tunnel Hill, Rising Fawn, Lafayette and Lookout Mountain.
Chattanooga home inspections

BOSTON HOME INSPECTION, INC. - A name you can trust, plus quality service and convenience that you can count on. We'll check everything for you......including the kitchen sink.



I'm so confident about the quality of our home inspection service that if you are not completely satisfied at the end of your inspection, you owe us nothing! No disclaimers. No excuses. No B.S. You have my word on it

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

Be Confident In Your Property Purchase

Jim Boston is the president of Advantage Home Inspection, Inc. d.b.a. Boston Home Inspection, Inc. and is a state-licensed and certified commercial and residential real estate inspector. His resume includes the following:
- a graduate of the Home Inspection Institute
- a degree in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee

- more than 20 years of home inspection experience, Jim has inspected thousands of home in and around the Chattanooga area
- over 25 years of experience as a corporate sales manager
- a Certified Home Inspector (ACI) by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)  
- an affiliate member of the Chattanooga Association of Realtors

- Chattanooga Home Inspector

- Georgia Home Inspector

Our Services





  • GENERAL EXTERIOR INSPECTION, including the roof, gutters, chimney, siding, and drainage
  • GENERAL INTERIOR INSPECTION, including the ceilings, walls, floors, windows, and doors
  • ATTIC INSPECTION, including the roof sheathing, insulation, and ventilation
  • BASEMENT AND FOUNDATION INSPECTION, including the structure and evidence of water problems
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM INSPECTION, including inspection of the service line, the interior of the main electric panel, and sample testing of  the electrical receptacles, fixtures and ,switches
  • PLUMBING SYSTEM INSPECTION, including the water supply piping, the drain piping, the water heater, and the operation of the bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets
  • CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM INSPECTION, including the inspection and operation of the heating system
  • CENTRAL COOLING SYSTEM INSPECTION, including the inspection and operation (Air-conditioning units should ony be operated when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees F)

Our home inspection includes an evaluation of the structure, roof, attic, basement, or crawlspace, foundation, interior, exterior, electrical system, plumbing system, heating system, air-conditioning system, and ventilation system. All exposed structural elements, such as roofing material, roof sheathing, exterior siding, sills, joists, and foundation walls will be visually inspected. The home inspector will look for signs of unusual distress, i.e. sags in the roof, leaning or bulging walls, and cracked or displaced foundation components. The inspector will test a representative number of electrical switches, receptacles, and fixtures. The cover will be removed from the main electrical panel to identify the type of wiring and its condition. The inspector will operate the heating and cooling systems, weather permitting. All plumbing fixtures connected to a drain will be checked for hot and cold functional flow and drainage. Evidence of past water penetration into the basement or crawlspaces is of primary concern to the inspector. All built-in kitchen appliances as well as the refrigerator will be checked and operated. Interior windows will be sampled, doors operated and the ceilings, walls, and floors will be checked. The roof, siding, and the foundation grading are the primary elements inspected on the exterior.  

It is important to note that, even though a home inspector may have specialized or expert knowledge of a particular area, a home inspection covers many aspects of a home. Home inspectors perform a home inspection at a "generalist" level. Time, accessibility, and cost limit the home inspection. The goal of a home inspection is to significantly reduce the buyer's risk of purchasing a home with an unknown or undisclosed problem and provide this service at a reasonable price. You are the only one who can determine how much risk is acceptable to you. Your home inspector and the home inspection report can help you determine what areas warrant further investigation. A home inspection will not find every problem and is not a guarantee or warranty of the house. Be wary of anyone that tells you otherwise. 

Professional, easy to read home inspection reports


After the home inspection has been completed, Jim will follow-up with a thorough, concise computer-generated inspection report describing the condition of the home's systems and components at the time of the inspection.  Our reports are very easy to read and understand. The report includes a Summary Section that includes the important issues discovered during the inspection. Photos are included to show problems or concerns that may need attention. Please feel free to give us a call after you have read the report if you have any questions at all. 

Our home inspections strictly adhere to the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the most respected inspection association in the United States. Jim doesn't just adhere to their standards, he's a long time ASHI member, almost twenty years.




Every homeowner should have his or her home tested for Radon gas. We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else...at least twelve hours a day. If there is an elevated level of Radon gas, you and all of your family members have a risk that is similar to that of a cigarette smoker of developing lung cancer. If you smoke it dramatically elevates your chance of developing cancer. A simple test will determine if Radon gas is a problem and remediation of Radon gas is fairly simple.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General of the United States have recommended that all houses should be tested for Radon. The following information, obtained from the EPA website, is presented so that you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not to have your home tested. 

- Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from radioactive decay of uranium in soil, rock and groundwater.

- Radon enters homes primarily through the soil uder the structure.

- Radon can be a problem in all types of homes - old home, new homes, drafty homes, insulated homes, homes with basements and homes without basements.

- High Radon levels have been found in every state and Radon levels can vary from home to home within a neighborhood.

- Nearly one in fifteen American homes has a high level of indoor Radon. IN TENNESSEE THE PROBLEM IS MORE SIGNIFICANT. One in six homes has a problem with elevated Radon.

- Radon gas is the largest source of radiation exposure and risk to the general public.

- Radon is a Class A Carcinogen.

- Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, smoking being number one.

- It is estimated that Radon causes approximately 21,000 Amerian deaths per year according to the WPA.

- Smokers are at higher risk of developing Radon-induced lung cancer that non-smokers.

- There are no immediate symptoms of Radon-induced lung cancer, with cancer usually occurring 5 to 25 years after exposure.

- Radon is colorless, ordorless and tasteless.

- Radon can only be detected through a Radon test. 

- Radon concentrations above the EPA-recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L can be fixed.

Customer reviews/testimonials

Mr. Boston,
I received your home inspection report via e-mail last night. I have had several houses inspected and have always received a checklist or some hand-written, hard to read document. Your report was very easy to read and understand. It was also very thorough. You found things that I overlooked. The digital pictures you sent documented every defect that you identified in the report. Thanks for the great job! I'm glad that I was referred to your company.
Yours truly, Robert White - Phoenix, AR

Dear Sirs:
I am writing to commend your company. Upon the recommendation of my real estate agent, I hired you to inspect the house I am buying in Chattanooga. Jim Boston did a thorough job of inspecting the house. The seller even commented that he found things that the company he used had failed to discover when he had it inspected 4 years ago. I was really impressed with Mr. Boston's professionalism as well as with the quality of your report.
I have since given your name to my mortgage lender with recommendation that she refer other clients to you. Thanks for a job well done.
Sincerely yours,
Todd M.

Dear Mr. Boston:
I just wanted to write you to say "Thanks" for the superior inspection job you did on the commercial property located on Brainerd Road. I was ready to close this deal and having an inspection done was just an after thought. Thank goodness I called you. You identified that the heating, air and electrical systems were not functioning properly. It turned out that the empty house had been struck by lightning. The problems were covered by the seller's insurance before we closed. You literally saved me thousands of dollars. I can't thank you enough.
Bill P. - Chattanooga, TN

Mr. Boston - Thank-you for your high-quality, precise inspection. You came highly recommended by Hector Acosta and you did not disappoint at all. I appreciate your professionalism and high-quality workmanship. I will certainly recommend your name when asked for  a home inspector. Thank-you again, Carlos Hernandez

Jim, I want to pass along positive news and offer thanks. The termite contractor that you recommended has been such a pleasure to work with. He was prompt and courteous. The painter and I have had a conversation and it appears that he too is a gem. I want to thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. My buyer has been so pleased with your willingness to talk with her and offer your professional opinion. We are still in the process of gathering information, but hope to proceed soon towards closing. A positive experience has always been the norm when my clients choose you to do their inspections. I'm grateful to have professional support sevice  providers like you. My anniversary is coming up in January. It will be eleven years and I think you have been one of my preferred providers for most of that time. Here's to many, many more.  Regards, Ramona

Jim, Thanks you so much for the great job you did on the home inspection at Stringer Street. Your service exceeded my expectations and I could not have been more pleased. Thanks again, Stephen C.

Thanks Jim for a great inspection report. Your report was detailed, thorough and truly amazing. I never expected such a great report. We will highly recommend you to anyone we know who needs a home inspection. Pam S, Chattanooga, TN

Thank you so much for your very professional and thorough review of this home. Based on the condition of the roof, we have decided not to go ahead with the purchase. Your services were a very good investment. We will call you when we find our next purchase. Shari and Rex B. Chattanooga, TN

Thanks so much Jim! It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciate the quality of your work. Jason and I feel better knowing that the home was inspected by you and we can't wait to move in now! Jennifer Cookston, Chattanooga, TN

Thanks Jim for your thorough and professional job today. Susan and I appreciate you going over everything at the end. You answered any and all questions we had. I will have no problems recommending you to another potential home buyer. Thanks again, Russell Buck, Chattanooga, TN 

Jim, Caroline and I wanted to thank you for such a thorough and timely inspection for out new home on Woodland Way. We really appreciated your attention to detail and your advice. We hope that you will be able to come visit for an open house when we get moved in. Thanks agains again, Steve Hudson, Chattanooga, TN

Hello Jim, I wanted to thank you for doing a great job at the home inspection on Colony Circle this past week. As a first time home buyer, I truly appreciated your kindness and willingness to put everything in common terms, so that I understood what you were talking about without question. You ave taken what I perceived to be a very nerve-racking process and made it comfortable and enjoyable. I will definitely remember you when friends or family purchase a home and will recommend your services 100%. Again, thank you! Sincerely, Sarah Womack, Chattanooga, TN